Friday, March 13, 2015

Ceeping Up With The Chi O's


 initiating our PC '14,


       dancing the night away at sigma chi's bid party,

volunteering at the humane society,

     our G.H. and G.T.B. visited headquarters,

    (almost)winning belly flop competitions,

 interning in WASHINGTON D.C.!!!!,

taking spontaneous road trips,

studying abroad in ROME,

having our annual "Daddy Daughter Date Night"

 skating for our date night!!!

   we have had SO much fun these past few months traveling with, learning with, dancing with, laughing with and LOVING our sisters! 

"to be womanly always, discouraged never."


Monday, October 20, 2014

September Recap!

As they say… Better late than never! Here is our September Recap of all the fun and amazing things our Chapter has been up to this Fall.

The days leading up to the best day of the year!

DAY 1: Panhellenic Day

DAY 2: Chapter Pride Day

DAY 3: Pref Night

Welcome to XOchella:
On September 10th, 2014 
Chi Omega got 52 times better!
Our newest members of Chi Omega! 

Sister, sister….. really though!

Our President Lindsay Gilson welcomed home her real baby sis!
Our New Member Educator Jordan with her baby sis Ashton!
Our Secretary Megan with her sweet baby sis Abby!

Our theme for Songfest this year was Candy. We had so much fun singing and dancing our hearts out with our sissies. We came in 2nd place!

For Homecoming week we won house decorations!

Sarah Mecham: For putting on an AMAZING recruitment
Brooke Carrig and Jenna Petterson: Decorating our house so amazing that we won in house decorations for Homecoming Week!

Noelle Steckling and Ryann Cooley: Songfest was STUNNING because of your hard work